MKEnX offers top-level turnkey solutions for face mask production that are tailored to your businesses' needs.
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Our expertise

As a part of the Motex Healthcare Group, MKEnX has gained over 20 years of research and development insight that allows us to be at the forefront of face masks engineering. 

We specialise in offering different solutions to your business and ensure that it can implement with its very own face mask production line smoothly and successfully.

ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certified
Fully Automated Manufacturing Processes
GMP, FDA, EN46001, CE Certified
High-Quality Insourced Materials
Utility and Design Patents Secured
Medical Grade Facility and Productions
Parameter Optimisation

Our solutions

We provide bespoke turnkey solutions that include a range of options that are the following:

1. Face mask material supply

2. Mask machine recommendation and training

3. Advising and turnkey solutions for face mask production factory

4. Lab tests on face masks and filtering materials for filtration and air resistance 

5. Testing and certification consult

6. Face mask designs