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R&D Excellence Award

‎The Taiwan Excellent Inventors Society and the Taiwan Innovation and Invention Exchange Association jointly held the WDIC World Enterprise Inventor Leadership Summit 2021 in Taipei on March 14th 2021. 

During the ceremony, Cheng Yong Chu, the Chairman of Motex Healthcare Group, was awarded the "Global Top 100 Innovative Technology-R&D Excellence Award " and the "Taiwan Top Ten Outstanding Enterprise Inventors Award".

Since the Covid-19 outbreak in early 2020, Motex Healthcare Group has cooperated with the Taiwan government's anti-epidemic mask requisition policy and promptly increased its production capacity to deliver over 10 million pieces of face masks per day.

Besides his ability to quickly fasten the production of masks, Cheng Yong Chu proved his faculty to lead the trends of the masks industry. Within the last 20 years, Motex Healthcare Group has applied for 70 invention patents and been bestowed in major international invention exhibitions and local Excellence Awards.  

With the new "Motex Air-tight Mask" launched this year, Motex offers a model that tackles a common leakage issue seen in many ordinary flat masks. With a tightness level comparable with N95 masks, it prevents viruses and bacteria from entering the layers and offers comfort while filtering PM2.5 particles. The other innovation, "Motex Snorting Whistle Mask", has a unique global concealed opening design that makes drinking beverages possible when wearing a mask. 

With these two new models and their extended production capacity, Motex Healthcare Group consolidates its position as one of the global leaders in the face mask industry.