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The Master of Masks

With the outbreak of COVID-19, face masks have become the most desired product in this current modern market. 

As the top three manufacturers of medical gloves and masks in Taiwan with annual revenue of 500 million yuan, Cheng Yong Chu, chairman founder and the brains behind the Motex Healthcare Group, kick-started the business during the SARS epidemic whilst he was self-isolating. The idea of producing face masks that are more comfortable with daily wear became his sole mission, then came along the company's signature patented product, the diamond-shaped mask, which also earned him the Master of Masks in Taiwan.

‎Currently, face masks on the market are still in short supply; Cheng Yong Chu stated that he wants to expand the production line. It seems that the Master of Masks is nowhere near finished with his creative ideas and his passion for aiding the health and safety of the country.