Here at MKEnX, we supply high-quality materials, offer a variety of face mask machines for production, and provide the relevant information for launching your production line smoothly and successfully.
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MKEnX's meltblown nonwoven fabric is the critical element of face masks that filters various particles and shields viruses. It also prevents bacteria from infiltrating through the layers.

Ear Loops

MKEnX's soft and comfortable ear loops are welded on both sides of the face mask. It allows better protection by closely adhering the mask to the wearer's face.

Hydrophilic Nonwoven (Inner Layer)

Characterised by its absorbency to fluids and breathability level, MKEnX's high quality hydrophilic nonwoven fabric makes up the inner layer of face masks.

Spunbond Hydrophobic Nonwoven (Outer Layer)

Characterised by its high resistance to fluids, MKEnX’s high quality hydrophobic nonwoven fabric makes up the outer layer of face masks.

Nose Bridge Wire

MKEnX's transformable plastic wire creates a superb seal around the nose. It prevents moisture from entering or leaving the mask upon wear.